CROMAIDz in The Spring Time!

We would like to sincerely promise you that we will update our website more, but we all know that’s just not really going to happen. As always for the most recent news please: like, follow, fan, or subscribe to us on our various social media outlets (just look for Cromaidz, we’re everywhere). So much has happened since February including: green screen fun, gear upgrades, and band lineup changes. Our biggest bit of news is that Polytheist will be releasing a 3 song EP called #TheNewTestament very soon! Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for details


Polytheist has described this EP as, “This EP will be much different than the debut EP #WhenHeroesFail as well as the band’s future direction. This will definitely be a more commercial sound, although the feel will be far different from most generic #radiometal / #radiorock out there currently. Although it will ultimately serve as a much different era in Polytheist’s discography, these 3 songs deserve their right to be heard and immortalized in a proper recorded production”

Here’s a quick little teaser via Instagram

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