2019 Marks The End of Another Year and of The First Decade of CROMAIDZ

Well another year has come and gone, and not only a year but an entire decade. Cromaidz has been here for every step of the way this past decade, and we have no plans on going anywhere in the #roaring20s … like how could we do that, right Erik Olsen?

Here’s our long year ender for 2019. This is the hour plus version with the 1 minute version coming soon...

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In years past we have usually done the #12DaysofCROMESS … this year we did not. We focused on three great things:

  1. Red Hill Ramblers’ 2019 Christmas Special – FaceBook Live Stream
  2. Our decade recapper of the past 10 years of CROMESS and Cromaidz Productions! – We started this all during Christmas of 2010, and now here we are in 2019.
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Labor Day – AKA The UNOFFICAiL End To The Summer Of CROM 2019!

Hard to believe another summer came and went, and this is our first post of The Summer Of CROM 2019! We took a lot of time to get baring in orders over this summer, with a few shows and specials along the way...

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Give A Listen To Polytheist’s New EP, ‘The New Testament!’

May 19th has come and gone, and with it the end of #GameOfThones and also the era of Matt O’Tonic as Polytheist’s front-man. To cap off this era, Polytheist released a 3 song EP called, ‘The New Testament!’ Listen right now on all your favorite streaming services.

This latest release is much different than the band’s debut release, ‘When Heroes Fail...

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CROMAIDz in The Spring Time!

We would like to sincerely promise you that we will update our website more, but we all know that’s just not really going to happen. As always for the most recent news please: like, follow, fan, or subscribe to us on our various social media outlets (just look for Cromaidz, we’re everywhere)...

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Monday Night Metal – #MoMetalMoMontage – Episode 4 and Rockabilly Night in Philadelphia Tomorrow Night!

Since we haven’t said it yet, Happy New Year and welCROM to 2019! We dropped episode 4 of Polytheist’s infamous #MondayNightMetal #MoMetalMoMontage this week all over social media, and it’s been spreading like a wild fire. Check it out if you haven’t yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5hIBrCaNgs

The Cromaidz crew will be traveling to city of brotherly love, Philadelphia...

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Welcome to 2019!

We’re a bit late posting these 2 videos to our website, but they have been out on YouTube accumulating views since last Sunday! Here are both the full length and condensed Year Enders for ‘This Is 2019″ or 2019 the 8th This Is. This is our annual look back on the year that has past as we turn the page and look forward to the new year...

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The 12 Days Of Cromess 2018!!!

Hello everyone and welCROM once again to #The12DaysOfCromess 2018 edition! We’re going to update this each day of #TheTwelveDaysOfCROMESS, although we’re already on Day 3. So we’re starting this blog on Day 3 (Days 1 and 2 were on time on our Facebook page) . Let’s get right down to it and this post is going to keep getting updated as the days go on!

#1 On the 1st Day o...

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#WeeklyUpdateByTheDrummer – BEHOLD The NEW Cromaidz Montage Series- 2 Episodes #Drumcast

We have 2 count em 2 new videos for this all new series! Below are the #YouTube descriptions of each episode along with the youtube link!

#WeeklyUpdateByTheDrummer – #DrumCast  –  The debut of yet another new Cromaidz Montage Series...

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Red Hill Ramblers – Rockabilly – June 24th!

Don’t miss the next #RedHillRamblers original #Rockabilly live public show, Sunday June 24th! #ConcertForTheCureforMPS9 #ConcertForTheCure

All are invited, all ages. Here’s your personal invite,  just #ClickTheLink


Also check out tons more at http://www.redhillramblers...

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