Monday Night Metal – #MoMetalMoMontage – Episode 4 and Rockabilly Night in Philadelphia Tomorrow Night!

Since we haven’t said it yet, Happy New Year and welCROM to 2019! We dropped episode 4 of Polytheist’s infamous #MondayNightMetal #MoMetalMoMontage this week all over social media, and it’s been spreading like a wild fire. Check it out if you haven’t yet:

The Cromaidz crew will be traveling to city of brotherly love, Philadelphia tomorrow night for Rockabilly Last Fridays Premiere! This will be taking place at The Fire of Girard Ave and is hosted by our good friend Athena of 191 Philly Bands Global Teleradio! Don’t miss this awesome night with music by: Red Hill Ramblers, The Silverhounds, Three Chord Money, and Dave Alexander & Co! It all kicks off at 9pm.

Here is your personal invite:



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