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THIS ONE GOES TO ELEVEN – The Step 13 13 Steps To Relapse Variety Show – Episode 11

It is finally here… Episode of 11 of #TheStep1313StepsToRelapseVarietyShow has officially been released. What better title could it have than: #ThisOneGoesToEleven… and right before the big 4th of July holiday weekend! We have a huge weekend coming up with #FItAllFriday Full Band Open Mic at The Eagle Hotel in Quakertown, PA, on Friday night (see previous post)...

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The Poor Bastards’ 6th Annual Car Show and Polytheist’s Cover of The Cranberries’ ZOMBIE!

The Cromaidz Productions crew is busy preparing for The Poor Bastards’ 6th annual car show tomorrow in East Greenville, PA. Here is your official invite to this free, all ages event:

Polytheist, the newest member of the Cromaidz Productions’ roster, has just released their #totalmetalbastardization cover of the alt rock clas...

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