2019 Marks The End of Another Year and of The First Decade of CROMAIDZ

Well another year has come and gone, and not only a year but an entire decade. Cromaidz has been here for every step of the way this past decade, and we have no plans on going anywhere in the #roaring20s … like how could we do that, right Erik Olsen?

Here’s our long year ender for 2019. This is the hour plus version with the 1 minute version coming soon. We may not have done many shows this year but we upped our game with some green screens and new music. Polytheist dropped an ep #thenewtestament and Red Hill Ramblers did some tracking at montco and released a new holiday single, #treatsunderthetree. Thanks to everyone who was along for the ride both IRL and online, we appreciate each and every one of you!
The Quakertown Underground Music Community Doitformeinsurance.com – Joe Covell and Robyn Barto – Insurance Brokers

Here is 2019 the entire year of Cromaidz under 1 minute!!! We just dropped the full length hour+ version a few moments ago, but here’s the whole thing in 1 minute which is way more fun. Enjoy and have a happy and healthy new year and new decade! The #roaring20s are almost here!

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