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The 12 Days Of Cromess 2018!!!

Hello everyone and welCROM once again to #The12DaysOfCromess 2018 edition! We’re going to update this each day of #TheTwelveDaysOfCROMESS, although we’re already on Day 3. So we’re starting this blog on Day 3 (Days 1 and 2 were on time on our Facebook page) . Let’s get right down to it and this post is going to keep getting updated as the days go on!

#1 On the 1st Day o...

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A New CROMicle Begins!

For those of you tuning into, within the last few months, you can see there have been some undergoing changes. Since we are now well into the CROMorial Day Weekend of 2016, we felt it necessary to make a post… it has been some time. No huge plans for this weekend, at least as of yet… so here are some classic CROMorial Day Videos!

CROMorial Day 2011-


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