The 12 Days Of Cromess 2018!!!

Hello everyone and welCROM once again to #The12DaysOfCromess 2018 edition! We’re going to update this each day of #TheTwelveDaysOfCROMESS, although we’re already on Day 3. So we’re starting this blog on Day 3 (Days 1 and 2 were on time on our Facebook page) . Let’s get right down to it and this post is going to keep getting updated as the days go on!



#1 On the 1st Day of Cromess… The Crom Gods Gave To Me: A Christmas Song Medley From Red Hill Ramblers and Polytheist! It’s time once again for #The12DaysofCROMESS and this year for #The12DaysofCROMESS2018 we’re hitting you right out of the gates with a brand new video. Here is a compilation of footage from both Red Hill Ramblers (rockabilly) and Polytheist (Progressive Metalcore) to get you in those holiDAZE spirit. Featured in this video in order of appearance:

Red Hill Ramblers covering
Chuck Berry’s Run Rudolph Run

Polytheist covering
The Royal Guardsmen Snoppy Vs The Red Baron

Red Hill Ramblers Original
Small Town Christmas

Polytheist covering
John Lennon’s Happy Xmas (War is Over)


#2 On The 2nd Day of #Cromess… The Crom Gods Gave To Me: The Cromess Original Classics #YouTube Playlist!…

That’s right we compiled all our short Christmas and Holiday themed covers and originals into one awesome playlist for #Cromess2018

Cromwell Incident Red Hill Ramblers Polytheist STEP 13 and more! These are 16 awesome short videos that will keep the party going. Viewer discretion is advised for some. Enjoy!


#3 On The 3rd Day of #Cromess… The Crom Gods Gave To Me: All of The Cromess/Christmas Spectaculars

First up 2010 – The original 2 part Cromwell Christmas Special from 2010 and the teaser…


Part 1A:

Part 1B:


2011 at The Eagle Hotel –


2012 at The Eagle Hotel-


2013 at The Eagle Hotel


2014 at The Eagle Hotel


2015 at The Eagle Hotel –


2016 at The Eagle Hotel –


2017 at The Cromaidz Cave –


#4 On The 4th Day Of #Cromess… The Crom Gods Gave To Me: All of Red Hill Ramblers Christmas Specials! To get everyone ready for tomorrow’s live performance on 830AM WEEU and immediately afterwards in The Sound Room, we found it most fitting to dump all the classic Red Hill Ramblers Christmas Specials on you from over the years, let’s get to it! Red Hill Ramblers will be live on the air around 3:30 on 830Am WEEU! It will also be streamed on Facebook Live and then the party moves to #thesoundroom around 5:00pm where it will again be streamed via #FacebookLive. Tune in and get festive with Red Hill Ramblers and their Rockabilly Christmas fun!

Starting with 2011 –

2012 at The Eagle Hotel –

2013 at Jabber Jaws Toys For Tots –

2013 at Jabber Jaws for Remembering Pearl Harbor Show –

2014 at The Eagle Hotel –

2015 –

2015 at The Eagle Hotel –

2016 at The Eagle Hotel –

2017 –

2017 Christmas in July –


#5  On The 5th Day of #Cromess… The Crom Gods Gave To Me: Red Hill Ramblers Live on WEEU 830AM!

No surprise that this would be the fifth day of #cromess and many were able to tune in either to the radio broadcast from WEEU 830AM, THE VOICE OF BERKS COUNTY AND BEYOND! or online, or on Red Hill Ramblers Facebook Live feeds. But now we’re going to launch the 2 videos streamed live to #YouTube from the side angles. There is going to be much more to come form this awesome day during #The12DaysofCromess but we don’t want to take away from the live feeds
video 1 of 2 this is from the afternoon drive on air performance from 3:30-4:00 pm!
Live on the air session
The Sound Room Session
Make sure to go watch the footage taken from the #Mevo camera on the official facebook pages of both: Red Hill Ramblers and Cromaidz Productions!
#6 On the 6th day of Cromess… The Crom Gods Gave To Me: Red Hill Ramblers and Step 13 Whole Sets at The Debut Show at The Local Quakertown!
Red Hill Ramblers Whole Set –
Step 13 Whole Set

#7 On the 7th Day of Cromess… The Crom Gods Gave To Me: 

Red Hill Ramblers – Behind The Scenes on WEEU’s The Sound Room – Chuck Berry’s Run Rudolph Run
#8 On The 8th Day of #Cromess… The Crom Gods Gave To Me: Polytheist’s Winter Solstice Live Cromess 2018 Stream Special!
Tonight at the stroke of 9pm or somewhere around then the boys of Polytheist will take to #FacebookLive for their annual Holiday stream. This year they intend to really go all out, you don’t want to miss this. To build up the suspense we’ll start sharing some classic #Polytheist holiday goodies along the way! and also will be the feed.
For anyone who couldn’t tune in live to Red Hill Ramblers on air Christmas Special this past Tuesday, here it is courtesy of Doug Buehler! WEEU 830AM, THE VOICE OF BERKS COUNTY AND BEYOND! and The Sound Room more to come but here is just that full audio segment.
 And now some past Polytheist Holiday Favorites…
Polytheist’s Metal Christmas Special- Live @ The Nightmare Factory
Kwanzaa Song- Polytheist- Live At The Nightmare Factory –
Last Christmas- Wham! – Metal Cover by Polytheist – #TotalMetalBastardization –
Happy Xmas (War Is Over)- John Lennon – Covered By Polytheist – #TotalMetalBastardization –
The Harambe 2016 Kwanzaa Spectacular Starring Polytheist – This One’s About KWANZAA
Cromess Bones That Face The CROM Gods’ Throne and Cromin’ In A Polytheist Wonderland –

We also released this one from Red Hill Ramblers at 9:30PM during Polytheist’s stream : 

Red Hill Ramblers – Behind The Scenes on WEEU’s The Sound Room – Small Town Christmas
#9 On The 9th Day of #Cromess… The Crom Gods Gave To Me: Red Hill Ramblers Live on WEEU Good Afternoon Berks Country with Hosts Matt Gorney and Dan Neubert
Here is the on air audio mixed with the streams/footage taken by Cromaidz Productions! More to come.
Boom here’s a late day #Cromess treat… here is our version of #Amazon #amazonholidays2018 #canyoufeelit by of course Polytheist another #totalmetalbastardization as heard on The Preston & Steve Show
More treats on the 9th NIGHT of Cromess: here is Polytheist and their #totalmetalbastardization #metalcover of Snoopy Vs The Red Baron by The Royal Guardsmen. Please enjoy and enjoy the season, really get into it! #The12DaysofCromess #cromess2018 #the12daysofchristmas #thetwelvedaysofchristmas #snoopyvstheredbaron
Annnd even more Cromess treats… it’s coming fast! Here’s another #DiminickTheDonkey #Totalmetalbastardization by Polytheist
#10 On The 10th Day of #Cromess… The Crom Gods Gave To Me: 2 Polytheist Classic Christmas #totalmetalbastardization Covers done live during #Polytheist #WinterSolstice #Cromess2018 #FacebookLive stream. Enjoy because there will be more to come on this 10th Day of Cromess!
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) – John Lennon – #totalmetalbastardization by Polytheist [Metal Cover] –
Last Christmas – Wham! – #totalmetalbastardization by Polytheist [Metal Cover] –
Hold on just a second… the 10th day of CROMESS isn’t done yet! We have a surprise for your #ChristmasEveEve it is finally here… Polytheist‘s next holiday #totalmetalbastardization ( heard on The Preston & Steve Show for #septembermorning )‘s jingle you heard all season long, only now it’s done by a metal band. #metalcover. Here comes ‘Amazon Holidays 2018 (Can You Feel It)! This of course is a song by #thejacksons i.e. #michaeljackson Michael Jackson

#11 On The 11th Day of #Cromess… The Crom Gods Gave To Me: Red Hill Ramblers – Behind The Scenes Filming on WEEU’s The Sound Room!

Merry #CromessEve to everyone out there! This here is the entire session of Red Hill Ramblers on ‘The Sound Room.’
Don’t forget to pick up your digital copy of Red Hill Ramblers ‘Christmas Show Live 2017!’ This was a live album released on Black Friday 2018 on all major streaming and downloading services. Relive the magical 2017 Christmas FaceBook Live Stream year after year. Audio done by none other than Mike Mallon.


#12 On The 12th Day of #Cromess… The Crom Gods Gave to Me: Cromess 2018 – A Master Collection of #Polytheist #WinterSolstice fun mixed with clips from #RedHillRamblers live on #WEEU for their #Rockabilly Christmas.

Please enjoy and as always make sure to: share, like, comment, and subscribe for the best in Greater Philadelphia Area Music.

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