On The Third Day Of CROMESS, The Crom Gods Gave To Me….

On the third day of CROMESS the Crom god gave to me… a whole batch of CROMESS Promo Videos! To get everyone ready for CROMESS 2016 at The Eagle Hotel Tonight, we are featuring all the best CROMESS and Christmas Promo Videos from years past! See everyone at The Bird!

Red Hill Ramblers Annual Christmas Party 12/17/2011 PROMO!!

CROMESS 2016 at The Eagle Hotel Friday December...

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On The Second Day Of CROMESS….

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The Twelve Days Of CROMESS Are Back!!!

The 12 Days of CROMESS are back, beginning today!! Let’s get right into it with a brand new video!

On the First Day Of CROMESS, the Crom gods gave to me… Season 2 Episode of The Step 13 13 Steps To Relapse Variety Show.. appropriately titled FALL FOOL-iage! This bad boy is a collection of STEP 13 footage with new bassist Luke Herpel at 4 shows this fall: NotSoberfest, Sport...

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It’s CROMESS Time In The City – BLOODHOUND GANG Covered by Polytheist

It’s that time of the year again kids, time for CROMESS and all its madness. The official show for CROMESS 2016, will be at The Eagle Hotel, Friday December 17, 2016. That’s on 201 E Broad Street, in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Here is your invite- https://www.facebook.com/events/1836634583224351/


While we are on the topic of the localPhiladelphia Area Music Scene, let’s give...

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Temple Football Theme Song- Written and Recorded by Polytheist!

Looks like Polytheist and Cromaidz were the difference makers! This new video was posted an hour before kickoff, and the Temple Owls jumped all over Stony Brook on Saturday Afternoon. Let’s get this bad boy out everywhere and get behind our owls. BLEED BLEED FOR THE CHERRY AND WHITE!!!


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Wake Us When September Ends!

One of the most depressing days of the entire year has to be the day after labor day. Although Cromaidz has experienced the height of success during the fall and winter months, we all truly come alive during those summer months. At 10pm last night we released #TheStep1313StepsToRelapseVarietyShow Episode 13, just in time to capture that fleeting summertime feeling...

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Happy July… 5th?? A Day Late, But The Content Is Still King!

Happy belated 4th of July to all the Crommies out there! Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy holiday weekend, and hopefully many of you are still enjoying that time off...

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THIS ONE GOES TO ELEVEN – The Step 13 13 Steps To Relapse Variety Show – Episode 11

It is finally here… Episode of 11 of #TheStep1313StepsToRelapseVarietyShow has officially been released. What better title could it have than: #ThisOneGoesToEleven… and right before the big 4th of July holiday weekend! We have a huge weekend coming up with #FItAllFriday Full Band Open Mic at The Eagle Hotel in Quakertown, PA, on Friday night (see previous post)...

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The Poor Bastards’ 6th Annual Car Show and Polytheist’s Cover of The Cranberries’ ZOMBIE!

The Cromaidz Productions crew is busy preparing for The Poor Bastards’ 6th annual car show tomorrow in East Greenville, PA. Here is your official invite to this free, all ages event: https://www.facebook.com/events/979475162101329/

Polytheist, the newest member of the Cromaidz Productions’ roster, has just released their #totalmetalbastardization cover of the alt rock clas...

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A New CROMicle Begins!

For those of you tuning into cromaidzproductions.com, within the last few months, you can see there have been some undergoing changes. Since we are now well into the CROMorial Day Weekend of 2016, we felt it necessary to make a post… it has been some time. No huge plans for this weekend, at least as of yet… so here are some classic CROMorial Day Videos!

CROMorial Day 2011-


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